Speeding Up the Adjuster Case Evaluations

Although most adjusters do not use cheap tactics to deliberately delay claims, there are some that will use any method possible to stall a claimant’s case until they get desperate enough to accept a much lower settlement. This is exactly why you need to hire a Thousand Oaks injury lawyer who will aggressively fight for your rights and aim to prevent the insurance adjuster from stalling the settlement of your personal injury claim.

Thousand Oaks injury lawyer

Your Thousand Oaks injury lawyer will use the following approaches to avoid the delay of your claim.


Ask As Many Questions As Necessary


The more assertive your Thousand Oaks injury lawyer is in asking the insurance adjuster what he or she needs to settle your claim, the less opportunity the adjuster will have to delay the claims process.


Give Aggressive Deadlines


Your Thousand Oaks injury lawyer should give the insurance adjuster deadlines with regards to certain important items. Although this is not always an effective method, it does provide a record that can be used during trial or to go to higher authority.


Threaten Legal Action


If all else fails, your Thousand Oaks injury lawyer can threaten the adjuster with a lawsuit. Or, in some cases, there may be no choice but to file a suit.


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