What Happens to the Defendant?

After you suffered injuries from an accident that was caused by another person or a company, the responsible party will then be contacted by an insurance company representative so that he or she can get a statement from the responsible party regarding his or her version of what happened. The statement will probably be recorded at that time and, more than likely, there will be written reports or transcripts of that statement.

Once the insurance company has completed its initial investigation, there is usually little to no contact between it and the person, persons, or company who caused your injury. However, an exception to this practice exists in cases involving medical malpractice. Hence, the person, persons, or company who caused your injury will continue on with their daily lives with hopes that the case will simply be settled by the insurance company with little or no participation on their part.

However, if the case does not settle and you, your Ventura County personal injury attorney, and the insurance company proceed to litigation, the insurance carrier will contact the responsible party again. The insurance company will then assign an attorney to defend and represent the responsible party. The party will be required to participate in the litigation process and will be required to cooperate with the attorney assigned. Have fun with a compare betting odds.

It is important to remember that if a lawsuit becomes necessary, it will be brought against the responsible party and not against the insurance carrier, even though the insurance carrier will likely be the one to pay the settlement or verdict.

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