What is the Settlement Value of My Personal Injury Case?

If you’re thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit or already have a pending claim with the insurance company, you may wonder about the settlement value of your case. You should discuss a potential settlement with your Westlake Village personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will listen to your concerns and work with you to agree on a possible settlement range. The facts of your case and the applicable laws will affect the settlement range. As your attorney has experience in this area of law, you should carefully consider any recommendations made regarding your legal strategy and the ultimate value of your case.

After you’ve agreed on a settlement range, your attorney will start negotiations with the insurance company of the person, persons, or company that’s responsible for your injury. Your lawyer will likely send an initial letter requesting a settlement in the case. The proposed settlement in this first letter will likely be for an amount substantially higher than the actual settlement range; this is a common negotiation tactic that personal injury lawyers often use. The first letter should allow room for fair negotiation between the parties involved.

You may have heard that the insurance company will likely respond to your lawyer’s first letter by significantly undercutting the proposed settlement amount. It is a normal reaction to wonder whether you should go into the negotiation phase at a very high figure to allow room for adjustment during the settlement process. You may believe that a high demand will lead to a higher offer in the end. However, this legal strategy might be unproductive. If the insurance company views the first request as completely ridiculous or unreasonable, the insurance company might refuse to give an offer in response or delay the negotiations in your case.

You may want to rely on the expertise of a Westlake Village personal injury lawyer when deciding how to value your case for settlement negotiations. An attorney can set the initial request at an amount more likely to result in a offer within the settlement range established by you and your attorney during the assessment of your case. Try your luck at the compare bookies odds.

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