Checklist of Items to Bring and Maintain For Your Personal Injury Attorney

There is a great deal of information your Westlake injury attorney will need to assemble on your behalf as he prepares your case for settlement or perhaps trial. For many of those items, you are the best and primary source of information. This is especially true with your expenses. The more details you provide, the better your injury attorney can represent you.

Compile a “Medical Trips” list

On a sheet of paper or in a notebook, start a list. For each trip you make to a doctor, hospital, therapy session, pharmacy, or any other place for medical care or supplies, write down:

1. The date;

2. Where you went; and

3. What your trip was for.

Do this for every trip, and make sure the list is accurate, complete and legible. Regularly provide a copy of the up-to-date list to your Westlake injury attorney. He probably will show the actual medical trips list to the other side as part of the settlement negotiations, or the list may be introduced as evidence should a trial be necessary.

Compile a “Medical Expense” list

Just as you will do for your medical trips list, compile a medical expense list to report each and every medical expense you incur. Include:

1. The date;

2. The specific item purchased; and

3. Your actual out-of-pocket expense.

You cannot ask for the other side to pay expenses that you do not tell your injury attorney about.

Gary Mitchell, a Westlake injury attorney, knows how to best prepare a case for maximum recovery. It is a lot more impressive to the other side if you have each item written down separately on the day you had the expense, instead of only a “lump sum” written down with a total at the end of the week or month.

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