Case Valuation Factors: Permanency, Permanent Impairment, and Permanent Disfigurement

When it comes to personal injury cases, any Westlake Village injury attorney will tell you that the word “permanent” is a crucial word in relation to the settlement of a personal injury case. If your treating physician has specified any amount of permanent impairment or any element of permanency, that factor will undoubtedly raise the value of any settlement by a pretty significant amount.

A Westlake Village injury attorney is well-aware of the fact that an element of permanent disfigurement will always provide some sort of value to any small personal injury case. Your medical bills might be small, your loss of income might be limited, and your injuries may be pretty minimal; however, if you have any type of permanent scarring or disfigurement, your settlement value will go up.

Scars, particularly those that are on the face, especially on women, along with burns, dog bite marks, and other permanent disfiguring features are constant reminders of an individual’s injury. Moreover, jurors will see those injuries and will be more likely to award damages that will be more than the damages that would be awarded for “simple” pain and suffering.

If you have a scar or some sort of disfigurement that is likely to be permanent, you should have it assessed by a plastic surgeon or a specialist for the purpose of having the element of permanency added into the equation. Additionally, pictures (preferably professional ones) of the scar or mark should be taken. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to permanent disfigurement in personal injury cases, that same picture can be worth thousands of dollars.

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