Improbability of an Adjuster Withdrawing All Offers

As you might imagine, insurance adjusters tend to use less-than-honest tactics to get Westlake Village Injury Lawyerclaimants to accept lesser settlement amounts than their claims are actually worth. Your Westlake Village injury lawyer explains below that one of these tactics is that adjusters will threaten to retract all offers.

The Adjuster is Bluffing

The worth of your claim will not change simply because you waited a day to accept an offer. Thus, your Westlake Village injury lawyer will want you not to worry if the adjuster asserts that he will be withdrawing an offer.

It Would Not Be Wise for the Adjuster to Withdraw All Offers

Your Westlake Village injury lawyer may find it pertinent to remind the adjuster of the additional expense that would accompany his offer withdrawal. Since you may file suit without a viable offer on the table, the insurance company would then have to accrue additional legal fees using an attorney of its own to defend against your claim. A withdrawal would cause the adjuster’s caseload to be more substantial, as your case would be sitting unresolved for a longer period of time while it is awaiting litigation. As your Westlake Village injury attorney can point out, long turnover time for cases reflects poorly on an adjuster.

Moving Forward with Your Claim

It can be quite a daunting task to handle a deceitful adjuster on your own. Gary Mitchell is a knowledgeable Westlake Village injury attorney who understands the tactics adjusters use and can help combat against them. Call 888-452-1846 today for more information.

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