Pain Evaluations

Pain is an important element of a personal injury claim. Your Thousand Oaks personal Thousand Oaks personal injury attorneyinjury attorney can explain that there are four classes of pain: mild, moderate, moderately severe and severe. Here is information regarding the first two classes.

Mild Pain
Your Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney may define mild pain as that which has an intensity and frequency of mild pain. When an individual is experiencing this kind of pain and completes daily life activities, the pain is mildly aggravated. Few or no modifications are necessary to perform these activities. Additionally, there is little accompanying emotional distress with the pain. The individual does not receive medical treatment pertaining to the pain on a routine basis. There may not be very many behaviors indicating pain when a physical examination is conducted.

Moderate Pain
The intensity and frequency of pain is moderate. Unlike a person suffering from only mild pain, an individual who suffers from moderate pain has difficulty conducting daily living activities. Significant modifications may be necessary to assist the individual in performing them. The individual might be suffering from mild or moderate distress that accompanies the pain. Additionally, continuing medical treatment is necessary to treat the pain. The individual also takes medication on an ongoing basis. When a physical examination is conducted, the patient might have limitations related to pain.

If you want more information on different definitions of pain, a Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney can help. Contact Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyer Gary Mitchell by calling (888) 452-1846.

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