Tips for a Successful Shared Parenting Plan

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with a divorce is figuring out how to share the kids between both parents. This is a complex situation often fraught with emotion and conflicting wants. A Thousand Oaks family lawyer can help you figure out the most appropriate plan that accommodates everyone involved to the best of your ability.

General Advice

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Here is some general advice from a Thousand Oaks family attorney as to how to best handle shared parenting post-divorce.

Be good to your kids: When you have the kids for the weekend, you might want to focus on having fun with them and taking them fun places. But you can also show your appreciation by buying needed things like shoes and school supplies. This not only helps them, but shows your former spouse that you want to contribute materially to raising them, which is just as important, as any Thousand Oaks family lawyer will tell you. Your spouse will be more inclined to trust you and help you out with the kids as well.


Don’t fight when switching: The most hurtful example of shared parenting any Thousand Oaks family lawyer has seen is when the parents bicker and fight every time they have to switch who gets the kids. While emotions run high, it does not help anyone to get angry at your former spouse when you have to give up the kids. They will see it and be hurt by it, regardless of who’s right or wrong.

If there’s something upsetting you absolutely have to say to your ex, write it in a note instead, or ask your Thousand Oaks family attorney how you should handle the situation.

For Legal Assistance

Divorce is painful no matter how it happens. But with a dedicated Thousand Oaks family lawyer helping you, you can minimize the pain and stress involved. Call Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846.

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