How Long Your Case Will Take to Settle

One of the most common questions that personal injury claimants ask of a Westlake Village injury lawyer is when their case will settle. Unfortunately, there is no clear rule that determines this. Even the most experienced legal professional cannot predict it from the beginning with total certainty. Some cases take months, while others take several years.

A Westlake Village Injury Attorney on Settlement Negotiations

Westlake Village Injury LawyerAs general rule, your Westlake Village injury lawyer will not try serious settlement negotiations until you are close to recovering from your injuries. This is because the length and value of your case is largely determined by factors that will only become apparent after you have physically recovered.

For example, the total cost of all your medical bills will be an important factor, and obviously you or your Westlake Village injury attorney won’t know what that is until you are close to recovered. If any further treatment will be necessary or if any of your injuries are known to be permanent, that will also need to be taken into account when determining a settlement value.

Your total loss of income and any future expected lost earning capacity will also help determine your case value. As your case moves along, your Westlake Village injury lawyer will be able to develop a better sense of approximately how long it might take to come to a settlement.

For Experienced Legal Assistance

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