The Deposition

Westlake Village Personal Injury Lawyer

The deposition will be your first chance to tell your story. Your Westlake Village personal injury lawyer will give you all of the details about your deposition and what to expect.

Why Do I Need to Be Deposed?
The deposition serves as a chance for you to explain exactly what happened to you. Any time someone is involved in a lawsuit, the opposing side may request a deposition and the law requires that you comply. Your Westlake Village personal injury lawyer will explain the types of questions the opposing attorney will ask you, which are meant to garner any relevant background information. The better you do in your deposition, the more likely it is that a settlement will be reached rather than taking the case to trial. However, your Westlake Village personal injury lawyer will warn you not to offer any false information during deposition, as it can be used against you later at trial.

Who Will See My Deposition Answers?
Your attorney will let you know of anyone that will be present during the deposition. There will be attorneys from each side and a court reporter creating a transcript of the deposition. The transcript is available to each attorney and may be used if your case goes to trial.

Will I Be the Only One Deposed?
Your Westlake Village personal injury lawyer will decide if it necessary to depose the other side, as there are times that it will not be necessary or would be better not to do so. This is a decision, among several other important decisions, that is best left to your Westlake Village personal injury lawyer. For additional information about how an attorney can help, contact Gary Mitchell today at 888-452-1846 for immediate assistance.

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