Keeping Track of Bills during a Personal Injury Lawsuit

One of the most frequent questions asked of a Westlake Village personal injury lawyer concerns keeping track of medical bills. This is an important factor in a personal injury lawsuit and a client should maintain an accurately detailed list of medical costs.

Keeping Records of Medical Costs

Westlake Village personal injury lawyerYour Westlake Village personal injury attorney will advise you to do the following in order to keep a record of the medical expenses:

1) Each time you visit a physician or medical facility, request a medical bill. Keep an accurate record of your medical appointments. Make certain to receive a bill for every visit whether it is to see a physician, to have physical therapy, enter a hospital, or any other medical location for any reason.

2) Retain the records of prescriptions as well as the bills. Any prescription linked to your injuries is relevant to your case and if you’re buying medicine to treat an injury, saving a copy of the receipts is imperative information for your attorney.

3) Maintain a chart of the bills for medical visits, prescriptions, the dates of the visits, purchases, and how they were paid for (via insurer, out of pocket or other means). This will provide your Westlake Village personal injury attorney with a list of costs.

4) Provide your attorney with a copy of every bill you received due to your injury whether it’s medical, prescription or anything else. It is vital to have the correct amount of money the injuries cost to receive the correct amount in a settlement. Your lawyer should be given copies of the bills by the healthcare providers, but it is helpful to compare these records with the records you will keep to ensure a settlement for the highest possible amount.

5) Even if the bills are paid through insurance, keep a record of them. No matter how the bills were paid—through work coverage or any other insurer—keep your own copies and give them to your Westlake Village personal injury lawyer.

Speak to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one have questions regarding a personal injury lawsuit, how to keep a record of medical expenses and their importance, Westlake Village personal injury lawyer Gary Mitchell can assist you. Contact Gary Mitchell at 888-452-1846 about your personal injury lawsuit today.

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