Post-Trial Procedures

If the other party in your case is at fault and you have done all you can to prepare for trial, there is a good chance your Ventura County personal injury attorney will receive a favorable verdict.

Once a verdict is rendered in your favor, and assuming the defense does not appeal, the next step is to calculate the final dollar amount. Factors involved include:

  1. Your actual damages;
  2. Interest due, if any;
  3. Court costs;
  4. Expert witness fees, if any; and
  5. Attorney fees.

The lawyers for both sides will work out the details to arrive at a specific result. Typically, this takes a few weeks and perhaps as long as one month. Once this is finalized, you will receive your money.

But what if the verdict is not in your favor? Hopefully this will not be the case, but you must prepare for all possibilities. Clearly you have the right to appeal, but it may not be appropriate in every instance. Your experienced Ventura County personal injury attorney will explain the costs and time involved, and advise you whether or not an appeal is in your best interests.

In some circumstances, although rare, the insurance company may offer a small amount to you as an inducement not to file an appeal. This may be a factor in deciding how you proceed.

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