What Makes a Good Personal Injury Attorney?

Good plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys give claims adjusters all of the information that he or she will need in order to justify the amount claimed so they can work together towards a resolution of the claim. Accordingly, because adjusters are often swamped with cases, it is important for your Ventura County personal injury attorney to carefully write up, in thorough detail, a specific request for all of the items of damage for which the claim is being made.

Good plaintiff personal attorneys typically work beyond their clients’ expectations. For instance, if the insurance representative asks for a narrative medical report from the plaintiff’s treating doctor, a good plaintiff’s personal injury attorney will go above and beyond by not only securing the requested report, but also by gathering all legible nursing notes or other documentation to support the doctor’s report.

It is not unusual for the nursing notes or hospital logs that discuss the plaintiff’s injury to be more valuable than the doctor’s actual narrative medical report, because the notes and logs are generally in the form of a diary, in chronological order, and they show the progress (or lack thereof) of the plaintiff’s recovery and complaints.

Also, good plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys are able to foresee the needs of the claims adjuster; therefore, they will report the total amount of the claim to the adjuster as soon as possible in an effort to allow him or her to set the appropriate reserve of money so that it is available when the claim is set to be paid.

An unusual case related to the porn industry was last month. Famous porn actress Mona Blue filed a lawsuit against the studio Pure Taboo because of an injury in the workplace, during the filming of 4k porn, she injured her hand. Medical journals and nurse records played a key role in sentencing!

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