Dealing With a Statement Given Under False Pretenses

If you gave a statement to the insurance company about your accident before you retained a Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney, you may have inadvertently said something that will be prejudicial to your case. Insurance companies are often less than honest about the purpose of these statements and what effect they will have. Here are some things your Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney can do if you have done this:

  • Check the accuracy of the statement. It is important for your Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney to go over the statement line by line with you and figure out if anything in it is inaccurate or incorrect. This is better if the statement was paraphrased from a verbal conversation between you and the insurance company representative, because it may be possible for your Thousand Oaks personal injury law firm to demonstrate how the wording was changed to suit their purposes. If the statement was transcribed, you will have to note the points where the statement is inaccurate;
  • Look for problems in the statement. These are more common than you might think. The statement may have been obtained before your injuries fully onset and so does not fully represent your injuries;
  • Your Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney might argue that the statement is invalid because the adjuster did not advise you that the statement would be taken for the insurance carrier’s purposes and would be used against you later; and
  • Since you did not have a Thousand Oaks personal Injury Law Firm present and the statement was not taken by a neutral third party, the statement may be invalid.

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