Settlement Talks: Be Prepared to Wait

Westlake Village injury lawyerInsurance companies, contrary to what you might expect, are not always interested in settling personal injury claims very quickly. Sometimes they like to string out the process in the hopes of frustrating the claimant into dropping the claim. On the other hand, you and your Westlake Village injury lawyer have a vested interest in settling your claim as quickly as possible.


This creates a tension between you and the insurance company that, unfortunately, makes it difficult to predict how long any given case will take to settle. Even the best Westlake Village injury attorney will not necessarily know how long it will take the insurance company to get to your case and then come up with a reasonable settlement figure.

Settlement Talks

When it comes to initiating settlement talks, your Westlake Village injury lawyer needs a starting point. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to decide on a starting point early in the claim process. Usually a claimant has to wait until they have mostly healed from their injuries before their Westlake Village injury attorney can begin the calculations for a starting settlement demand.

This is because factors such as the total cost of your medical bills and whether any future medical treatment will be necessary are critical factors in determining the value of your case. Your Westlake Village injury lawyer cannot put a dollar figure on your injuries if not even you know how much they will end up costing.

For Legal Assistance

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