An Attorney’s Case Evaluation Checklist

Before a Westlake Village injury attorney decides to take an individual’s personal injury case, that attorney will seek to have certain questions answered before reaching a final determination on whether or not to accept that individual as a client. The following are a list of questions to which the attorney will need answers as he or she starts evaluating the case:

• Is there a statute of limitations issue for any of the causes of action? If so, which have already run/expired, and what effect will that have on the possibility for recovery for any remaining causes of action?

• Is there any statute of repose that may be applicable to the action?

• Who can be sued? Will there be a jurisdictional issue regarding the parties?

• Do any of those parties have enough assets to fulfill any judgment?

• Is there any insurance coverage involved on either side? If so, what are the policy limits, and what are the exclusions and possible defenses to coverage?

• What kinds of injuries is the client suffering from and are those injuries permanent in nature?

• What causes of action exist?

Your Westlake Village injury attorney will also want to know the following:

• Is the case viable from a financial perspective?

• Are alternative methods of dispute resolution mandatory (arbitration clauses and disputes with insurance companies) or available (arbitration, mediation, ADR) to the client? If so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

• Have any settlement offers been discussed or made as of yet?

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