Signs Your Insurance Claim Was Wrongfully Denied

Thousand Oaks personal injury attorneyMany insurance claims are never recovered because the denied claim is uncontested by the policyholder. But a Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney wants you to know that many times claims are improperly denied. Here are some signs that could indicate your claim is being wrongfully denied.

No Specific Policy Cited

A specific provision in the policy is not referred to when a claim is denied. You should know exactly why your claim is being denied with a specific policy statement being used to support their decision. A Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyer will attest that sometimes insurance companies quote policy language that doesn’t actually exist as a basis for its denial.

Another way to wrongfully deny a claim, according to a Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney, is by failing or denying to provide the copies of the policy the insurance company says supports their decision.

No Specific Detailed Facts Stated

When no specific claim-related facts are cited in the denial, a Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney would suggest that this could indicate that an actual investigation may not have been done before denying the claim.

Other means of denying a claim inappropriately is to use reference to conditions or exclusions in a policy that have no relevance to your specific case. Along with this, is the insurance company claiming the right to cite other policy defenses after coverage is denied.

Poor Communication With the Policyholder

Additional ways insurance companies deny claims improperly is through poor communication with the claimant. A Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyer would suggest being suspicious when you are asked for more information even though they are denying the claim as sometimes this subsequent information is used against you, the policyholder, at a later date.

Merely sending forms and not ever meeting or talking to the policyholder to gather information before a claim is denied is also an improper way of insurance companies handling a case. The “form letter” documents may request irrelevant information that is unrelated to your specific situation.

Finally, a Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney will tell you that some insurance companies have attempted to cancel insurance and deny coverage. They claim the reason for canceling or denying coverage is a result of misrepresentations by the policyholder in the application for insurance.

Most reputable insurance companies do not play games like this when adjusting claims. If the claims adjuster feels a claim is questionable, you want an experienced legal representative to ensure your claim is being treated fairly.

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