Your First Consultation with Your Westlake Village Injury Attorney

During your first meeting with your Westlake Village Injury attorney, he or she will ask you about important details relating to the incident that caused your injury, your treatment, documentation of the incident, and other issues that may be crucial to obtaining a favorable outcome on your behalf.  In order to ensure your first consultation is as productive as possible, prepare yourself for it by taking the following steps:

  1. Compile documents relating to your injury and bring them with you.  Important documents your Westlake Village injury attorney may want to see include police reports, photographs of your injuries and/or property damage, correspondence sent to or received from insurance companies, and, if you were injured in a car accident in which you were a driver, proof that you possessed car insurance at the time of the crash.  YourWestlakeVillage injury attorney may also want to see your medical records at the first consultation, but you probably do not need to bring them unless he or she requests that you do.
  2. Review the facts of the incident that caused your injuries.  YourWestlakeVillage injury lawyer will want to know how the incident happened, who was involved, how the involved parties behaved, who witnessed the incident, where the incident happened, etc.  Review any notes or diary entries you made about the incident prior to your consultation to refresh your memory.
  3. Think about your goals for the case.  YourWestlakeVillage injury lawyer’s primary concern will be tailoring his or her representation to meet your goals.  For instance, if you are sure you want your claim wrapped up as quickly as possible, even if it means accepting a lower settlement offer, your attorney needs to know that fact.

Over the course of your representation, you will have ample opportunity to communicate with your Westlake Village injury lawyer, and you do not need to be overly concerned with being completely prepared for your initial consultation; however, the more prepared you are, the more quickly your Westlake Village injury lawyer can begin building your case.  For a free consultation, please contact Westlake Village injury lawyer Gary Mitchell, Esq. at (805) 449-4243.

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