Describing Your Pain in a Personal Injury Journal

Describing Your Pain in a Personal Injury Journal

Individuals who have been hurt in an accident will probably be asked by their Westlake Village injury attorney to keep a personal injury diary, the purpose of which is to completely document and put into plain words how you have been affected by your injuries, as well as to make note of the amount of pain and discomfort that you experience on an everyday basis.

A good, helpful journal will contain a comprehensive description of exactly how you feel, beginning from when you first get up in the morning and continuing all the way until the time that you lie down at night. The journal should also include the particulars about how your injuries have affected or changed your overall way of life. Your Westlake Village injury attorney will also tell you that since the law accounts for an individual’s right to just compensation for pain and suffering, the ways in which your pain, suffering, and injuries affect your general disposition, job performance, and even your marital dealings will be very important to your case.

As you continue to make notes in your journal, you should make certain that you are sharing your genuine feelings in your own words and not the words of a doctor or other practitioner, particularly when providing details about your pain and suffering. Additionally, you should be sure to write in your journal every day in the same way that you would if you were not using it as part of litigation.

Furthermore, you should also note each and every body part that has any type of pain and/or discomfort. Of course, you are the person who completely knows your own body and, accordingly, you should have the ability to express how every part of it feels on a daily basis. You should also make note of whether or not you have any issues with moving particular body parts and whether or not you have any level of pain when you use that part of the body throughout your daily routine or during social activities.

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