Client Expectations During Personal Injury Litigation

Your Ventura County personal injury attorney is going to make every possible effort to ensure you the best possible outcome for your personal injury case. It is important to stay realistic, however, throughout the course of your case and to manage your expectations in such a manner so as to not be disappointed, in the event you do not receive the settlement or jury verdict you were expecting. Many factors go into a final verdict amount and personal injury plaintiffs must be prepared for the multitude of events that can occur throughout the course of litigation.

Witnesses play a large part in the civil litigation process, both positive and negative. On the one hand, few plaintiffs have ever proven successful without the help of witnesses and experts. On the other hand, witnesses and experts are also known to make unexpected remarks to a jury and provide testimony not contemplated or planned by the parties. Juries tend to assign a lower credibility to witnesses who are clearly biased in favor of the plaintiff and incapable of rendering an objective opinion. In addition, expert witnesses who lack confidence during testimony or seem unprepared for a cross-examination could shine a light of skepticism on your case, resulting in a lower jury verdict.

Venue is an important consideration in any personal injury case. The laws of civil procedure require a plaintiff to file a lawsuit in a venue which will be convenient for the defendant and afford all witnesses the opportunity to attend the proceeding without too much trouble. However, certain jurisdictions are much more doubtful of personal injury plaintiffs than others and may be less apt to award significant verdict amounts. Research shows that states like Vermont, South Dakota, New Hampshire, and Maine report fewer than ten verdicts in excess of one million dollars while states like California, New York, and Florida repeatedly report million-dollar verdicts on a regular basis.

As you work with your Ventura County personal injury attorney towards an eventual verdict or settlement amount, it is important to keep a positive and realistic attitude about your recovery amount. For more information about personal injury lawsuits or to commence a case, contact the law office of Gary Mitchell today.

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