Case Evaluation Checklist

Case Evaluation Checklist

In any personal injury case, there are number of key points to review to determine the strength and likelihood of success of the claim. If you are interested in speaking with a Westlake Village injury attorney about your recent personal injury, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. The following are important to consider, as they will help you evaluate your case. They will also help your Westlake Village injury attorney determine if your case is likely to win favor with a jury or invoke a settlement from the insurance companies.

– What kind of impression will the plaintiff make on the jury? Jurors are human and subject to feeling emotions about plaintiffs and defendants. This could have a significant impact on the outcome of your trial.

– What are the potential theories of liability, including potential problems with each theory? Does the jurisdiction have case law precedent to support each theory?

– What defenses is the defendant likely to invoke?

– Will this case require the retention of an expert witness? Expert witnesses are costly but can help convince the jury of the client’s position.

– Has the client submitted all appropriate documents? Medical records, tax information, pay stubs, etc.?

– Was an accident report submitted? Is it included in the evidence file?

– Is the client capable of withstanding the rigors of discovery and a trial, if necessary? Is the client planning to leave the jurisdiction anytime in the near future?

These are a few of the evaluating factors used by a Westlake Village injury attorney to determine the strength of your case. For more information or to speak to a Westlake Village injury attorney, contact the law office of Gary Mitchell at 805-449-4243.

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